Oculus Go

Facebook has planned to launch a new virtual reality headset where there is no any need for a separate program to operate. The device costs about one hundred and ninety-nine dollars and mostly it will be shipped by next year at the beginning stage itself. The company has already invested in the terms of virtual reality hardware which is about 360 degree in the view of imaginary spaces gaming platform, communication, and business applications. The lenses are always integrated with the reduced glare which is the most important factor. At the same time, speakers are built into the headset along with spatial audio. The most important factor is that two controllers always share the same controller input set. The real fact is that both Gear VR and Oculus Go apps are binary compatible one like the one in Download ios App. The specification for the lens is about 2560*1440 screens and the spatial audio can be used without the headphones. The controller is more or less similar to that of Gear VR’s remote. The programmers can easily build for the Oculus Go and the gear VR simultaneously so that the users can use it in a reliable manner.

Amazon Kindle Oasis

Amazon has finally released its perfect reader which is known to be Kindle Oasis. It is slightly expensive one than its predecessor and includes a list of features such as a larger seven-inch screen, metal body and it is waterproof one. Coming to the point of specifications it is thin about 3.4 mm on the rear side and hence a large hump on the other side. An interesting factor is that it feels balanced when the oasis is one-handed. In this version, the screen is about the seven-inch screen which holds about thirty percent more than before. The resolution factor is about three hundred PPI and it includes about 12 LEDs for the process of uniform lighting. One can connect it to any Bluetooth audio device and the buying process of both Audible and Kindle releases separately. Audible support is for both Oasis and the entry-level Kindle for whatsapp clone script. There are also few helpful accessibility features in this new Oasis and customization is allowed on how the text appears on the oasis’s larger new display. The total memory space is available about 32GB and the possibility of cellular connectivity is a reliable one.  The unknown fact is that it is one step closer to the E-Ink Page Turning.

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